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Hi! We're Bumblebee Press, a letterpress and design studio intent on helping you share your good thoughts.

Farewell stuffy stationery

We checked. Nowhere in The Rules does it say that your stationery must be pretentious or boring. 

Thank heavens 'cause humdrum's a missed opportunity for the warm fuzzies.

Your words matter

What doesn't matter is if your handwriting's messy or your note's written on a scrap from the recycle bin. 

 It's your thoughtfulness that makes someone's day. Big time. 

Time is precious

Ever labored over finding just the right card for that special someone? One that makes your heart swell to send? And then maybe it didn't get it sent?

That's time taken away from your busy day. And from what you really want to do —to connect.

Simplify your stationery & make your day delightful


Feel Good Stationery. We make it easy to be You

Tap into your inner Jane Austin with our modern guide for writing a heartfelt thank-you note or jump straight to stationery delivered to your door. You're invited to them both.

Make it Happier

A special delivery you won't want to miss. This is a stationery subscription designed to make you happier. And your recipients, too

Thank-you note 411

Download your how-to guide for writing a thank-you note that both you and your recipient will love. Free!

Letterpress & artist-made goods from our heart to yours

Your words, your thoughts, your connection.

Your heartfelt notes are fun to send. And to receive. (We love making them for you, too.)  

We make stationery to share

If beautiful paper and artisanal stationery make you smile, you're in the right place. 

We use papers made from 500 year old mills, reclaimed cotton rag, small-batch handmade papers, and papers in all kinds of textures and colors from all over the world. Pair that with letterpress printing on vintage cast iron presses and other time-honored techniques...

—These are things that make our heart leap and that we love sharing with you.

You'll be happy to know

Our favorite papers are from companies that care about impeccable quality and protecting our natural resources. 

It makes sense. Creating beauty starts from a reverent awe of this world. And with that, comes a deep responsibility to care for it well.

We buy from suppliers that are committed to sustainable practices and we're always looking for ways we can reduce our own footprint. Because sustainability is beautiful.

letterpress print with the words the true secret of happiness lies in taking an interest in all the details...

We're a little obsessed with making things you'll love

We believe our processes (+ how we feel) and the materials we use (sustainably sourced and crazy beautiful papers) make a difference in the quality of the products we create.

There's an energy that can be felt with an intentionally crafted piece. 

That's why we fell for old world techniques like letterpress printing and pressed botanicals. These processes are slow and deliberate. But oh so beautiful.

It makes us happy and inspires us to share. 

And this, we wish for you.

The quality of your paper is much nicer than others. But, most importantly, I love the fact that you are an artist and a small business owner who is incredibly passionate about the art of letterpress, and that passion imbues every piece that you create.

Susan Vann, Thomasville GA

This is the way I always want to buy stationery - made by hand, by a person, not a faceless company.

Margaret Rode, Evergreen CO

Yahoo! The boxes arrived today. I opened mine and the cards are incredibly beautiful. I’ll have a hard time parting with each piece, but know that each will bring joy to the lucky recipient.

Danell D, San Francisco CA

Take time for yourself

You deserve it. And yes, busy friend, it's a real thing. Grab our free guide to write the kind of thank you note that will make hearts sing. Starting with yours. No more looking at a blank page. One of the easiest and most effective gratitude practices around.

Plus, you get to share it.

Write Your Best Thank-you Notes

A not-at-all-stuffy guide for writing a great thank-you note and enjoy the process. [We're all about the process.]
Bumblebee Press
I have now attained the true art of letter-writing, which we are always told, is to express on paper exactly what one would say to the same person by word of mouth.
Jane Austin
So glad to be connected

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